Friday, February 5, 2010

Traditional with Classical and rock music

Classical and rock music may not seem like a rational mix, yet from the Beatles forward, popular musicians have looked to classical music for motivation. Progressive rock bands such as Genesis and Yes utilize complex time signatures and active passages that at times seem more like the "long-haired" music of Beethoven and Mozart than fashionable rock and roll. Bands such as Pink Floyd and the Moody Blues have utilized symphony orchestras in their recording. Even Tom Petty has on the run amok orchestral versions of his big hits.

In this free series of music cross pollination videos, professional performer Scott Smith outlines the history of rock and classical music, and then discusses how these genres overlap. You will learn how to adapt melodic scores written for traditional classical instruments such as the harpsichord and organ to the contemporary electric instruments of rock and pop bands. He discusses how to change time signature and add the recognizable blues beat common to rock and roll music.


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