Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sound Spectrum G-Force with Music visualizes

Music visualizes have long been with us in well-known products such as Windows Media Player or Winamp, more newly these have also found there way onto phone, mp3 players and other such devices. G-Force provides the vital elements for visuals in products such as Apple's iTunes, Windows Media Center, Windows Vista OS, and more..

G-Force is a stand alone product which plugs into your favorite music player or can also work with line in audio sources. This gives the user the flexibility to prefer a variety of music sources for their visualization.

Sister product also is a music visualize/screen investor that produces photo-realistic scenes based on cloud pattern with stunning colors
With inspiring cloud designs and amazing imagery is the ideal companion to relax with whilst playing your favorite music.

Together with the cloud scenes also displays real life scenic photos with animated cloud scenes for the last ambience.

Installation of both products is simple and simple with the usual windows wizards
The Gold version also includes a toolbar where visual basics can be chosen and customized. Features can also be forbidden and instant screenshots snapshots.


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