Saturday, February 6, 2010

Music lyrics give the expressions for song

Music lyrics are the expressions and verbiage that gives a song sense. Without music lyrics, songs would be only instrumentals and where's the fun in that? Music lyrics present meaning, insight and evoke emotion in ways not probable with instrumentals alone.

Music lyricists make their livings on writing suitable lyrics to popular songs. Who can forget "The Rose", which Bette Midler made famous? But, Bette didn't write the song. The music lyrics are written by Amanda McBroom, whom is a Los Angeles singer and songwriter.

Most star performers and vocalists don't mark their own songs. Music lyrics are written by expert songwriters, sometimes alone and sometimes teaming up with others who can put a tune to the engaging words. Still there are a few performers who write their own individual music lyrics in a way all their own.

Probably no other artist within the last 10 years has received so much notice for his music lyrics as rap star Eminem. A prolific writer this Slim Shady is and even so, inner city kids have all the length of been putting the rapper's music lyrics under a microscope to ferret out every nuance of insight the verbiage provided.

Unlike many other artists who make timeless songs, it's hard to imagine any other artist singing or rapping the music lyrics of Eminem. When Pink Floyd came out with "The Wall" idea album, it was the same deal. What lounge singer, wedding singer or county fair crooner would possibly sing any of music lyrics from The Wall?


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