Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Music uses in Ethiopian instrument

Ethiopian music uses a pentatonic scale, that's 5 comments scale. Ethiopian has named each of these notes, Tizita, Bati, Ambassel, Anchihoye, and Zelesegna. Three of these are originate in Wello "Ethiopia" and have in use the names of Wello Districts. Illustrate the area where the balance originated. Wello is measured to be the heart of Ethiopian music and a home to some of the greatest Ethiopian singers, such as the famous Maritu Leggesse "Bati Nigist" Bati Queen, the great Kuku Sebsbie, and Hana Shenkute.

The most popular instrument used in traditional Ethiopian music is the Massinko image above; it's a diamond-shaped, one-stringed horsehair swindle and the only Ethiopian instrument played with a bow. There are many great Massinko players in Ethiopia, the best Massinko performer is Setegn Atenaw who's a true master of the instrument, Setengn resides in Washington DC and plays at quite a few Ethiopian venues there. Other great players are, Adane Teka, Chalachew Ashenafi, Yirga Dubale, and lots of others. Another well-liked Ethiopian is the Kirar a harp-like traditional Ethiopian 5 string instrument, It's widely used in most traditional songs, most particularly Tigray Music, the Northern regional part of Ethiopia and Eritreans used, too. Tigrigna, the language of the tribe, is a member of the Semitic linguistic group and the one of the text languages of Ethiopia.


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