Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Michelle group returning to Pop Music

Michelle group developed big talented pop career after a few albums. This groups planning to release the pop music West Coast Time after her long time interval. Michelle group said that this album represent as like as her most adult work, but she told all magazine that this album is most youthful humming album and also she said that she came back to pop music again to prove her after long time. 

Michelle also explains that she is more relaxed in her own skin now. She also added that she wish to be free to other writers and paying attention to their ideas, whereas before she was going through her trouble teen years during creation of records.

Video recording in London, group worked together with Jim Irvin and Julian Emory, who wrote more than half the songs and formed a handful. West Coast Time is likely to emerge some point in 2012. Currently, group wants to conclude recording.


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