Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Justin Bieber fatherhood court case crashed or Still On?

Opposing to previous information’s, Mariah Yeater is still set to follow her fatherhood action against Justin Bieber.

The 20 year old has changed public prosecutors and her latest spokesperson, Jeffrey Leving, is actually eager to consult out of court with Bieber’s personal legal representatives.

Yeater declares that Bieber is the father of her 4 month old son. Her latest legal representative is not permitting her to talk to the press. He has said that this case is totally out of powerand he also added that he don’t want somewhat horrible to occur to her client or her child.

Bieber has deprived of the claims and exposed he was ready to take a DNA test to invalidate the story. TMZ state that Yeater's new legal representatives Lance Rogers and Matt Pare quit the case after Bieber's organization in danger them with lawful act of their own for creating a false assert.


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