Monday, May 10, 2010

Music of recollection admiration Jewish teens' secret art journal

An old Czech stronghold town converted by the Gestapo into a ghetto and transfer camp/way station for prisoners intended for other camps, often Auschwitz who had something to do with a secret literary magazine called Vedem.

Of the regarding 100 Jewish youth, ages 13-16, who had donate to Vedem, a weekly underground journal full of poems, stories, satire and picture published under the noses of Nazi guards, youthful Taussig was the only one who had not been banish to another camp. Practically all the other boys had died somewhere else, most in the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

But the day Zdenìk establish himself on the way to Auschwitz, a chief named Rahm pulled him off. Zdenìk's father, Terezín's blacksmith, frequently shod Rahm's black horse, and Rahm believed Zdenìk's story that he assist out at the shop.


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