Friday, May 21, 2010

A Music hallway rock to Its Own Beat

There is regularly a moment early in any concert at Barge music when even spectators who have spent many evenings inquiry music in this transformed coffee barge find themselves speculate why they couldn't have found amazing to do on dry land. The barge, moored on the Brooklyn side of the East River near the River Cafe and a stone’s fling from the Brooklyn Bridge is a ship, after all, and it is given to the tender rocking motion that mariners love and landlubbers can find gently disconcerting.

But element of the magic of Barge music is that you rapidly forget about the motion. When you take your seat, you features a stage set before a great window that offers a fantastic view: the river, with its varied transfer, and the looming cityscape of inferior Manhattan. The presentation, by an expansive roster of customers, as well as visiting ensembles and soloists, are classically so involving that they cover even the view.


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