Thursday, April 26, 2012

Justin Beiber preparing song about Mariah Yeater

Justin Bieber had two women in his life Selena Gomez and Mariah Yeater, a 20-year-old claiming the Biebs fathered her then 3-month-old son. While you might assume Bieber’s latest single, Boyfriend, is for the former, could he write anything for his delusional wannabe baby-mama.

At one tip, the adolescent singer said he was heading for plain up gossips with his forthcoming album Believe, and this weekend, he explained his previous report, stating he is script a song to Yeater.

And followed it with a clip from Borat. Later, he told the press: There's a song about that girl Mariah Yeater that said she was going to have my baby. There are songs about things I'm going through. I wrote songs about different situations.

So far, the singer has typically swayed out cheerful modern songs, but not anything along the lines of Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me a River. 

The Baby singer’s verse to Yeater might not emerge on Believe, but so far, he has 40 songs that he either wrote or co-wrote and now has to make a decision which ones will come out on the album. Out of those are teamwork with Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Drake.


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