Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'How Great Thou Art' - Carrie Underwood's

It's no surprise that country music fans were expecting the TV special Girls Night Out: Superstar Women of Country, which was ribbon at the 2011 Academy of Country Music Awards weekend earlier this month and aired Friday night on CBS. However, it was a gospel song do at the show that unexpectedly crossed all boundary lines and created a viral sensation over the weekend.

Carrie Underwood was just one of many enormous names in the all-star lineup, but her duet with Vince Gill of the classic normal "How Great Thou Art" managed to bring down the entire house--and internet, at that.

If that weren't enough, the video of the presentation has received nearly a million views, and has drawn extraordinarily high praise--with comments ranging from "Wow! God was in the house," "I am not a Christian but this is truly good-looking," "She is an angel" to "This is the most moving version of that song I have ever heard," "She rocks 'em and socks 'em," "I'm speechless."

One user even went where most dare not tread, and contrasted Underwood to the King himself--"I thought that nobody could come shut to live this song like Elvis did during hisconcerts. I was wrong; Carrie put her heart and soul into this amazing version!"

Underwood and Gill's fellow stars in the audience appeared moved by the presentation, as well. Martina McBride stares fascinated at the stage, the ordinarily humorous Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert watch respectfully, while Sugarland's Kristian Bush nods his head and Jennifer Nettles mouths "What a voice."
After drumming the final, climactic notes, Underwood wrapped the powerful presentation up with a hug for Gill. Then, she wiped away a few tears...and faced a standing ovation from her peers. How great, indeed.


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