Friday, March 4, 2011

iTunes Unlimited Downloads May Move toward Midyear – Report

Unlimited download of previously bought music from Apple’s iTunes store may be applied by midyear, reports Bloomberg.

Citing “three people with information of the plans”, the publication says that customers may gain “easier access to music they’ve purchased across multiple devices” if the deal do well.

Kind of like cloud storage of music previously purchased, Bloomberg reports that iPads, iPods and iPhones linked to the same iTunes account will be clever to download purchased media.

According to the report, Apple is at present in talks with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group Corp., and EMI Group Ltd.

Two of the three basis of the publication had apparently said that a deal may be announced by midyear.

“A deal would give iTunes customers with a permanent backup of music purchases if the originals are damaged or lost, said the people,” Bloomberg says.

Apple, which is set to open a $1 billion North Carolina data center, is seen by analysts to move more of its armed forces to the cloud.


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