Thursday, October 21, 2010

U2 album coming 'Faster Than Anybody Thinks'

U2's manager Paul McGuiness divulge details of a new album which will be released faster than anybody thinks'. McGuiness has said about the band's progress on their new album, which is allegedly to be titled Songs Of Ascent. He is expecting a new U2 album faster than anybody thinks. I would guess early 2011 before the next leg of the American tour which initiates in May'.

This would be an unbelievably quick turnaround, since their 2009 album No Line on The Horizon was released four years after How To Dismantle And Atomic Bomb. The band have been freshening new tracks on tour, including songs called 'Boys Fall From The Sky', Mercy', 'Every Breaking Wave', 'Glastonbury', 'North Star' and 'Return Of The Stingray Guitar'.

With a song called 'Glastonbury', and the truth that the band had to cancel their hole last year due to Bono's back injury, they're expected to be added to the next bill for the legendary festival. In the meantime, the band is on tour heavily, playing in Australia with Jay-Z in late-November and December.


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