Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celebrity Favorites: Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh belongs to the Miami Heat's "big three" along with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. And when it comes to hip-hop, his dream team is already lined up.

"Jay-Z, Kanye West and Drake," the All-Star said without blinking. "Easy! Well, just the fact of Jay-Z's longevity. And he can really rap. Some of his stuff from '01 and The Blueprint is stuff I'm just now getting. Like, 'Ohhhh, that's what he meant. OK, I get that line.' He was so far ahead in what he rapped about and what he did. I'm just now catching up. Kanye is super creative in what he can do with the beat machine. And his words, he's more a passionate type of guy. He puts his feelings out there and doesn't care what anybody thinks. Drake is the smooth guy. He's gonna come in and sing. Plus Drake, we share something in common: We pretty much started our professional careers in Toronto. And I think those are the best three guys out right now."


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