Friday, January 22, 2010

Jazz with pop music bands

Before jazz drums came to Taiwan, here no such term; we only said drummers and called the music light music. Afterwards, when jazz music inwards in Taiwan, people gradually accepted it and pop music bands were formed. With the interest and rhythmic sense of the drummers, jazz drums became fashionable, widely loved and learned by youthful people. Jazz drums, in detail, are the heart of a jazz band.

In this developmental period, jazz drums endured some lean times before the unique crude instruments evolved into the present comfortable drum sets. Due to shortages of equipment and backward system, the early sets were simple to carry. They needed only to make a rhythm. Basically, the drum set consists of the bass drum, the side drum, and the hi-hat cymbal, which is copper.

The modern jazz drum set benefits from improved developed techniques. The basic set has grown to a deep drum, a side drum, a hi-hat cymbal, 2 tom-toms, one bass tom-tom, a ride cymbal, a crash cymbal, and a cowbell. This set has been used on step for quite a long time.

In the group of present-day bands, these two modern drum sets are combined. Tom-toms and cymbals can be added to make an entirety of eight or nine pieces. It depends on the talent of the player, and on demand. If you can get a firm and correct grasp of the rhythm, you can strike the drums and cymbals by now stretching out your hand, and develop a drummer’s skill and presence.


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